Dr. Lynn Stone, DC

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With fifteen years of experience in combination with a broad variety of Chiropractic and holistic disciplines as well as academics allows me to provide your animals extensive and comprehensive whole body attention and care.

• 1993 Rutgers University

BS in Exercise Physiology and Sports Medicine Studies; Worked at Edison Estates as a recreational therapist in the Alzheimer’s Unit

• 2004 US Conference on Women and Leadership in Shanghai/Beijing China

International Academy of Medical Acupuncture Dr. John Amaro and received her Fellowship degree.

• 1997 Cranial Sacral/Sacral-Occipital Technique with Dr. Jackie Roberts

Academic Accomplishments • 2003 Certified Acupuncturist

Wrote and presented 2 papers. “Woman’s Ability to Heal Health Issues through the Body” and “Occupational Hazards in the Workplace”

• 1996 New York Chiropractic College

Doctorate in Chiropractic

• 1999 Somatic Intuitive Process

Joyti SaiUn who did studying in Tibet as well as Chinese methodology and developed the technique called the Somatic Intuitive process and/or The SaiUn Method. The basic process of utilizing the Meridians and Chakras of the body to eliminate patterns and programs based on the time frame holding the pattern active.

• 2006 Tucson Clinic of Botanical Medicine • 2007 Obesity Help Regional Conference Presenter • 2008 American Veterinary Chiropractic Association, www.animalchiropractic.org

Completed 2006 Course Program in the Studies of Western Herbal Medicine with Charlie Kane.

Animal Chiropractic Coursework at Parker Chiropractic College Passed and Completed; Became Certified as an Animal Chiropractor by the Animal Chiropractic Certification Commission Mobile Practice - Licensed and Insured

Memberships and Associations • Active Chiropractor at the Mariposa Riding Club • Active Member of the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association • Active Member of Heart of Tucson - nonprofit Equine Horse Rescue • Active license in the state of Arizona since 1998 • Active and current with the continuing education and course study in both human and animals • Provides Educational Lectures • Multi-Disciplinary Practice • Volunteers in the community: Flying Samaritans, SACASA, Obesity Help, TriSports • Member of the US Master’s Swim Team – Ford Aquatics • Official Animal Chiropractor for Heart of Tucson - nonprofit Equine Horse Rescue • 2011 3rd Annual Southern Arizona Horse Expo in Oracle, AZ,  Presenter