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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care restores motion to the joints that are sticky or stuck. The joints of the body require proper and efficient motion in order for that particular area to be bathed by nutrients, blood and nerve flow. If the joints have decreased or restricted motion, that area is compromised and can no longer receive the proper nutrition and/or nerve impulse to remain healthy. By restoring the proper motion, nutrients, blood and nerve flow may return to the area and the body’s natural ability to heal is allowed to transpire.

My assistant, Ashley and I are committed to providing the highest quality patient care. We respect and honor the condition your animal may be experiencing at the time of their treatment.

We tailor all treatments as well as handling of the critter to accommodate each unique situation.

For first time patients, please review the checklist to facilitate the initial treatment and experience to be positive.

Chiropractic Emergency Care

Please remember to contact your regular Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in any case of a Medical Emergency. They are your best resource of services.


Although Chiropractic care is utilized as preventive and/or maintenance care, Chiropractic emergencies may arise because of an unexpected injury and/or circumstance. I do offer immediate and/or urgent services based on my availability. Please contact me directly at 520-490-9696 and leave a voicemail as well as text message. If I am available, you will be contacted directly. I strongly suggest leaving an additional voicemail message as well as text message since my ability to receive messages can be hindered due to technical glitches.