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Checklist for First-Time Visit

In order to make our first session as productive, efficient, comfortable and as safe as possible, please review the following checklist. Some of the items are preliminary exercises to undertake with your animal in preparation for our examination and treatment. Other items are environmental conditions, that if provided, would significantly facilitate the session and subsequent successful results. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions relating to any of these items.

The examination and treatment requires my using large boxes next to your animal

To minimize any negative reactions, such as startling, please introduce a large cardboard box several days prior to our visit to de-sensitize against any potential anxieties or nervousness

Just prior to arrival, please have your patient(s) ready and available for examination

An ideal location would be a Round Pen, or any wide-open enclosure, free of other animals and distractions

Your animal should be rested and calm

Avoid any exertion, such as riding or exercising at least three hours prior to session

If your animal is very energetic or ‘hot’

Turn your animal out at least one hour prior to the appointment to provide time to release the extra energy or tension

PLEASE NOTE: The typical time for a full, proper and effective adjustment is about one hour while the first time visit will be 20-45 minutes longer due to the time required to conduct a ‘new patient’ assessment as well as the condition of the horse. The client is strongly advised to utilize properly trained practitioners regarding the care of their horse.

Chiropractic Care for your horse is an ADJUNCT to Veterinary Medicine and is NOT a replacement. Please contact your Doctor of Veterinary Medicine for Veterinary Medicine for your horse.