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Technical Workshop

On this Web page we will offer a plethora of information for you to become conscious and aware of the possible issues and/or situations where Animal Chiropractic is a potential avenue of treatment for you to pursue. In addition for those owners already under my professional care, you will be able to access a step-by-step instructional guide of many different exercises and/or techniques that you, as the owner, can do in between your scheduled Chiropractic appointments. This section may be used as an adjunct to the chiropractic care your animal is already receiving and at the appointment time you will be directed to the section(s) that apply to you. The supplemental section that will be available to existing clients is not Chiropractic Care. Chiropractic Care should never be performed and/or experimented with by anyone who is not Certified and Professionally trained in this field. Please respect that animals and humans are different. It may appear that the structures and areas of an animal are the same as a human but that may not be the case. The facet and joint planes of motion of an animal versus a human are different and are adjusted according to their proper angles and direction. A person can potentially injure an animal without the proper Doctoral training and certification.

Following is a brief list of common conditions. Click on the headings to learn more

QUESTION: For those of you who may be wondering “What about my Human Chiropractor; can he or she do Chiropractic care on my animals?”

ANSWER: Unless your Chiropractor maintains an active license as a Doctor of Chiropractic AND has gone through the approved and proper training by the Doctors of Veterinary Medicine; those individuals are not recognized by the Doctors of Veterinary Medicine as an Animal Chiropractor. The American Veterinary Chiropractic Association along with the American Veterinary Chiropractic Commission have created such a professional organization that offers the appropriate training for both DCs and DVMs to become Certified as an Animal Chiropractor.


From the Web site:

> Uneven Stance

> Difficulty Moving

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Conditions List (under development)

As always, please remember to contact your regular Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in any case of a Medical Emergency. They are your best resource of services. Chiropractic Care for your horse is an ADJUNCT to Veterinary Medicine and is NOT a replacement.