Dr. Lynn Stone, DC

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Zeus came to our family because the other dogs in the family who rescued him wouldn’t accept him. The very first day I tried to put a collar on him, he went after me, locking my arm in his jaw. I wondered what in the world I have gotten myself into. I called Dr. Lynie for help. It ended up that the poor dog was severely out of alignment. Once she adjusted him, I was able to put the collar on him and we trained without issue–it was miraculous. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it. Makes me wonder if there are other dogs out there who are thought to be behavioral problems when they just need an adjustment. Thanks Dr. Lynie for helping Zeus find his forever home.

     ─ Jeanie P.  Tucson AZ

Dr. Lynie,

I have to tell you it is like a miracle . . . Olive is running around acting like her 3-year-old self. As you know she weighs just 18 pounds and our 1-year-old puppy, Remy, who weighs 90 pounds has no idea that her size can hurt Olive; even in play. So about 6 months ago Remy hurt Olive while playing. Olive's back legs would not support her. It was awful. We had to carry her. We have been to the acupuncturist, the rolfer and Olive has received several VOM treatments. None of them have produced any lasting change and surely none have allowed Olive to go in and out of the dog door like your treatment has. Even after the 1st time you came over Olive started using the dog door and jumping on and off the bed again.


She is so happy now, playful and ready to run around with the other dogs and grandchildren. So again, thank you so much. You’re truly amazing!

              Lisa E.  Tucson, AZ

Our 4-year old mare seemed to have a problem walking normally. She was always tentative when she stepped forward, so we had tried many different farriers thinking it had something to do with her hooves. When Dr. Lynie came out to see her, she immediately noticed that she had a “posture” issue. After just 20 minutes of adjustment, our mare bounded about without hesitation as if she was a young filly. Thanks so much Dr. Lynie.        

          ─ Michelle K.  Vail, AZ

We rescued our dog from the humane society as a puppy. Little did we know when adopting “Sorority Sue” that she belonged in a house as an only dog. Thanks to Dr. Lynie’s adjustments she can live in a multi-dog home. Not only does Dr. Lynie’s adjustments help align the issues she has in her neck and spine, the adjustments help adjust her attitude. She is a totally different dog, a much happier dog once she is adjusted. I can always tell when its adjustment time because her "attitude" is heightened. Thanks Dr. Lynie for helping Sorority Sue adapt to a multi-dog home.

       Jeanie P.  Tucson AZ

Dr. Stone is the most humane, practical, knowledgeable, creative healer I have ever encountered in my fifty years of continuously having pets. My German Shepard who was having hip problems three years ago, transformed under her care . . . no more medication, no more limping . . . lots of running jumping and playing. She saved my friends dog from painful and expensive surgery. She is the first person to be called if you have a problem or concern.        

          ─ Naya A.  Tucson, AZ

Dr. Lynie Stone gave my horse immediate relief.  She is intuitive, patient, compassionate and very good.  It’s also nice to have some simple exercises to do between visits to keep my horse comfortable and performing well.

       Beth S.

Brutus is a 13-year-old, 15.5-hand, paint horse. When he first came to us he was extremely tight through his topline. We were told this was due to him being in a stall for a couple years, but after months of stretching and riding he wasn't loosening up. His strides were shorter than the average pony stride, and we didn't know how to help him. We went to an English clinic and the clinician suggested chiropractic work. I called Dr. Lynie and made an appointment. She came out and gave him a full body adjustment. As it turns out, he was locked up all through his hips, spine, shoulders and neck. After his first adjustment you could see the relief on his face. He started moving more freely and performing willingly. He has had a couple more adjustments and each time he is freer, more comfortable and happy! Dr. Lynie is great. She takes her time to educate you on chiropractic so you know exactly know what is happening to your horse.         

          ─ Jessie K.